Shared Airport Transfers by First Class Transport from Geneva to Moutiers, Brides les Bains, Les Allues, Meribel, La Tania, and Courchevel.

Arriving at Geneva Airport Geneva Airport Geneva Airport Private Shared Airport Transfer Moutiers Train Station Brides les Bains Les Allues Meribel Meribel Village La Tania Courchevel 1650 Courchevel 1850


€55 one way Geneva to Meribel & Courchevel! 

SnowCat Shared Airport Transfer Service

FIRST CLASS is delighted to announce the arrival of the new SnowCat. FOCUSED on unbeatable value for money, the SnowCat. will be offering simple, easy, shared transfers from Geneva to the 3 Valleys. At €55 pp each way it is undoubtedly the best value available on the market and has been made possible by combining efficiency with our expert experience and knowledge.

DAILY  regular trips from Geneva to Moutiers, Meribel and Courchevel stopping at all the local skiing resorts en route ensures all of your transfer requirements are covered (full itinerary and timetable below).  A stop at Moutiers allows anyone to pick up the train to head up to Les Arcs, La Plagne, Tignes and Val d'Isere.  We also stop at Les Allues, La Tania, Meribel Village, Le Praz and all of the Courchevel resorts.

There are 4 trips a day both ways on Saturday & Sunday to allow limited waiting time at the Airport and during the week we run a regular outgoing morning trip so you can make the most of a long weekend ski or mid week ski trip.

Using VW Caravelles, Multivans and Mercedes Vianos and the backing of First Class Transport, ensure the  reliability and quality of service you will receive, guarantee that your experience will be second to none. FEATURING individual Air Con/heating/lighting, WiFi, and plenty of luggage space you will not find a more comfortable, value for money solution to get to the 3 Valleys.

TO BOOK  simply make a request by going to and we will send you an email which will take you to your booking, where you can confirm your details and secure your booking. Payment is all made securely online by Visa or MasterCard once your have confirmed your booking in our system.

For any quesitons or queries please email  or request more information here

Where can you stop?

  • Moutiers Train Station
  • Brides les Bains Town Centre
  • Les Allues
  • Meribel Centre
  • Meribel Village
  • La Tania
  • Le Praz
  • Courchevel 1550
  • Courchevel 1650 (Moriand)
  • Courchevel 1850

For exact pick up locations click here



For detailed Geneva-Timetable please see below.  PLEASE note that our departure timing is very important and for the benefit of all that we leave from each loaction on time and cannot wait for delayed passengers.  Therefore please ensure you are at your departure loaction well in advance.  If you are delayed and therefore miss your departure please contact us & we will do everything we can to get you on the next available bus.

N.B. Times FROM GENEVA are set. Arrival times in resort shown below are estimates and will depend on traffic and weather.

IMPORTANT ALL departure times FROM resort are also set, but please note, as above arrival times in Geneva are estimates and will also depend on traffic and weather.  If in doubt book an ealier bus, we cannot be held responsible for delays and potentailly missed flights due to the above.  For approx travel times to and from resort click here 

GeneVA - 3 Vallees Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
Geneva 20:00 11:30 13:30 18:00 21:30
Moutiers 21:52 13:22 15:22 19:52 23:22
Brides les Bains 21:59 13:29 15:29 19:59 23:29
Les Allues 22:06 13:36 15:36 20:06 23:36
Meribel Centre 22:18 13:48 15:48 20:18 23:48
Meribel Village 22:25 13:55 15:55 20:25 23:55
La Tania 22:32 14:02 16:02 20:32 00:02
Le Praz 22:39 14:09 16:09 20:39 00:09
Courchevel 1550 22:46 14:16 16:16 20:46 00:16
Courchevel 1650 22:53 14:23 16:23 20:53 00:23
Courchevel 1850 23:00 14:30 16:30 21:00 00:30


For the very latest follow SnowCat on  or

3 Vallees - GeneVA Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
Courchevel 1850 05:20 05:20 10:00 14:45 16:45
Courchevel 1650 05:27 05:27 10:07 14:52 16:52
Courchevel 1550 05:34 05:34 10:14 14:59 16:59
Le Praz 05:41 05:41 10:21 15:06 17:06
La Tania 05:48 05:48 10:28 15:13 17:13
Meribel Village 05:55 05:55 10:35 15:20 17:20
Meribel Centre 06:02 06:02 10:42 15:27 17:27
Les Allues 06:14 06:14 10:54 15:39 17:39
Brides les Bains 06:21 06:21 11:01 15:46 17:46
Moutiers 06:28 06:28 11:08 15:53 17:53
Geneva 08:20 08:20 13:00 17:45 19:45